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  • New Public Analyst Appointment at PASS

    31 January 2020

    PASS is pleased to announce that Donna Hanks has joined the Public Analyst team based at Wolverhampton, bringing the number of appointed public analysts in PASS to eight

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  • Lancashire APA Laboratory involved in successful prosecution of Carnforth takeaway

    22 January 2020

    Lancashire APA Laboratory involved in successful prosecution of Carnforth takeaway ordered to pay £6,370 in a fine and costs after being found guilty of breaching food hygiene regulations, having serving a naan bread contaminated with a cigarette filter tip wrapper.

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  • Lancashire APA laboratory plays it's part in securing a successful prosecution of takeway owner.

    04 December 2019

    A Lancaster takeaway has been fined £15,000 for breaching food hygiene regulations after a customer found a 3cm long screw inside an onion bhaji. By examination of the bhaji using low power microscopy, Bharatha Reddy, Public Analyst for Lancashire County Scientific Services, was able to observe a tapered screw which was clearly visible and presented securely lodged into the side of the bhaji. Further microscopical examination identified slithers of cooked onion epithelium tightly twisted around the thread of the screw and that the contents of the cross head consisted mostly of partially cooked gram flour batter. The imprint left in the bhaji perfectly matched the size and dimensions of the screw. From this, Bharathi was able to conclude that the screw became associated with the bhaji during the production process and more specifically at the mixing bowl stage.

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  • Food Standards Scotland looks at Laboratories

    20 November 2019

    At its Board meeting on the 20th November, the Board of Food Standards Scotland (FSS) received an information and discussion paper on the future capacity and capability of official food and feed control laboratories. This follows the publication of summaries of a review and paper that was considered by the Food Standards Agency Board in September.

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  • 95 Years Ago

    10 October 2019

    If you have been listening to the radio in Aberdeen in 1924 you might have tuned into the 2BD Aberdeen Station. On the afternoon of 10th October you would have heard Aberdeen’s Public Analyst and Agricultural Analyst Dr J F Tocher speaking on a fairly dry subject, that of the law relating to the sale of fertilizers and feeding stuffs.

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  • FSA Board to consider a Vision for Food and Feed Laboratories

    17 September 2019

    The Food Standards Agency Board is to consider a report on a recent review at its meeting in Belfast on Wednesday. The Paper acknowledges that the Agency “is responsible for ensuring the UK has sufficient laboratory capacity and capability to deliver official controls on feed and food safety and standards”. The Board is asked to endorse the evidence-based vision for a future, more integrated and sustainable UK official food and feed laboratory system and provide strategic direction on the proposed approach to address the key issues identified and move towards implementation of a new UK official food and feed laboratory system.

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