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  • Meat testing: A fifth of samples reveal unspecified animals' DNA

    06 September 2018

    A freedom of information request to the Food Standards Agency for the 2017 calendar year yielded 665 results for meat speciation from England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Of these 145 were partly or wholly made up of unspecified meat. Seventy-three of the contaminated samples came from retailers - including three supermarkets.

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  • The draft programme for this year's APA conference in Cardiff has now been announced.

    28 August 2018

    The draft programme for this year's conference in Cardiff has now been announced. The APA are delighted to have a number of excellent speakers lined up from Syngenta, the MHRA, FERA, and the Public Analyst Service in Southern Ireland,

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  • Retirement of Steve Appleton

    25 July 2018

    Steve Appleton and colleagues were treated to a bespoke cake to mark his retirement from Aberdeen Scientific Services last week. The cake, creation of Karen Maddison, a colleague of Steve’s from his days in Durham and an MChemA candidate in the laboratory, is a work of imagination and does not depict any actual event in Steve’s career!

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  • The Birmingham Food Council

    06 July 2018

    The Birmingham Food Council which, amongst other things, commissioned "The Hand That Feeds" a musical about food crime, has published its response to the Draft London Food Strategy. The response includes a section on the safety, assurance and integrity of food supplies which highlights the impacts of the decline in local authority enforcement activity."

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  • Retirement of Ron Ennion

    02 July 2018

    Public Analyst, Ron Ennion retired at the end of June. Ron worked in the public analyst profession for more than forty years, starting in the Chester lab in 1975, which eventually became part of Eurofins in 2001. The APA wishes Ron a long and happy retirement.

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  • Public Analyst's results help secure £1.6m proceeds of crime order against teeth whitening traders

    09 June 2018

    Welsh Public Analysts "Minton Treharne & Davies" have been involved in the assessment and testing of the tooth whitening products, and provided supporting Statements of Witness in a case where three members of a Cheshire-based family were prosecuted for selling unsafe teeth whitening products. After a three-year nationwide investigation by Powys County Council, the family have been ordered to pay back £1.6m that they made from their criminality of face prison. The teeth whitening products did not comply with safety laws and were unsafe due to harmful levels of hydrogen peroxide, with one victim receiving hospital treatment for burns after using a product. Tests showed the product to contain 11% hydrogen peroxide – some 110 times the legal limit for products that are sold directly to consumers.

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