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  • Visit by "Food Unwrapped" to Kent PA Laboratory

    Kent Public Analyst Jon Griffin with Jimmy Doherty and members of the film crew

    The experts at Kent Scientific Services have been called on to help with an investigation for the Channel 4 programme “Food Unwrapped”.
    Presenter Jimmy Doherty visited the the Public Analyst Laboratory which is part of Kent’s Public Protection operation, as they carried out tests on a variety of fish.
    The programme was looking at the healthier lifestyle of the Japanese, which has been related to their consumption of raw fish. Tests were carried out on raw salmon (sushi), tinned salmon and cooked salmon to determine the difference in the levels of Omega 3 fatty acids, which are found within the oil and fat of the fish and which have health and nutrition benefits.
    Public Analyst and Analytical Services Manager Jon Griffin, and his colleague and Principal Analyst Samantha Keller, were filmed carrying out the tests on a single day and provided the results to Jimmy Doherty and his team. The TV crew had spent the previous two weeks filming in Japan.
    Mr Griffin said: “This testing is typical of the kind of work we routinely carry out on behalf of local councils and Port Health authorities.
    “The results were interesting, but they are now the property of the TV company, so the public will have to wait until Food Unwrapped is broadcast later in the year to find out what we discovered.”
    Meanwhile the Kent Scientific Services labs will see further TV activity soon, as the BBC Watchdog team will be using their expertise to study the fitness and safety of fresh meat and fish which are still on sale as they approach their use-by dates.