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  • Toxic Chemicals in Everyday Life

    The Environmental Audit Committee of the House of Commons launched its current enquiry into the impact of toxic chemicals in everyday life on human health and the environment on the 12th February. The inquiry is focussing on how toxic chemicals are used in everyday products, such as furniture, food and toys, current government regulation of these substances, and the environmental and human health problems associated with them. The Association was invited to give evidence and our Honorary Secretary, Dr Duncan Campbell, appeared before it on the 30th April.
    Questions during the session ranged from the effectiveness of flame retardants, the consequences of using recycled plastics in food contact materials, the lack of harmonised standards for paper and board food packaging, rates of cancer in firefighters, the long term health effects of the Grenfell Tower fire, chemical safety of consumer products, boron in slimes and putties and the decline in local authority sampling activity.
    A transcript of session is available  as is a video recording .