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  • New British Standard for Plant Based Foods

    A recent Which? conversation on plant-based milk  showed that a lot of people are interested in incorporating more plant-based foods into their or their family’s diets. Well aware of this trend, the food industry is gearing up to meet growing demand, and Upfield (who make Flora margarine) are sponsoring a new British Standard which aims to define “plant-based food” so as to bring clarity to the market place.
    BSI Consumer and Public Interest Network (CPIN) are speaking up for consumers in the development of the standard and would like to gather broader responses on what consumers understand by this term, and what they think it ought to mean in the new standard.

    Should a food called “plant-based” entirely exclude ingredients derived from animals? Or is it OK by you if it contains a small percentage of ingredients that would be acceptable to vegetarians though not vegans, such as eggs, milk or honey (and if so, what percentage would you pick)? Should it be different from “vegan” or “vegetarian”, and if so, in what way? Would it be helpful to have two levels in the standard, “100% plant-based” with no animal-derived ingredients and “plant-based” which might have a small percentage of animal-derived ingredients?
    This British Standard is going to make a difference to the plant-based food scene, and so far CPIN feel it largely reflects the views of the industry and urges more organisations to feed in their views through the public consultation.
    Please do provide your input through the current open public consultation  
    which closes on 12th August 2020..