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  • APA Recognition Awards

    The APA recognised the role of three individuals to its success at the recent APA Conference in Cardiff. Shown in the photograph below are Dr.Derek Craston, Malvern Barnett and Ron Ennion.

    Ron Ennion retired from Public Analyst Scientific Services in June after 43 years’ service to the profession both as an analyst and Public Analyst.  Ron also served as Secretary to the APA.

    Malvern Barnett recently retired as Chairman of the APA Educational Trust having retired as a PA in around 2001.  He was President of the Association from 1994-96 and also served as Secretary as well as teaching microscopy to the MChemA students one evening a week at South Bank Polytechnic in London.

    The award to Dr Derek Craston was in recognition of his term as Government Chemist from 2008-2018 having only just stepped down from the role in June.  Derek has always been a great supporter of the Association and so the award was in recognition of the office he held.