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  • APA Lab helps expose bleach being sold as a "cure" for Coronavirus

    Analysis by the Public Analyst at Kent Scientific Services found that a Coronavirus “cure” being marketed by vendors in the UK contained potentially dangerous levels of chemicals that could cause adverse health effects.

    The products were described as MMS (Miracle Mineral Solutions) and it was claimed that a drop of each could be put into food to cure various illnesses including Covid. One combination was around 20% Sodium Chlorite and 50% Citric Acid and the other was 20% Sodium Chlorite and 4% Hydrochloric Acid.  There was very little instruction on the labelling and so the products contravened the General Product Safety Regulations as the Chlorite solution contained active Chlorine (essentially a bleaching agent) and is very alkali (pH 10-11).  The Citric Acid was industrial strength and had a very low pH (0) and the Hydrochloric Acid had similar low pH.  Both could burn on contact with skin and damage eyes.  In combination, Citric acid and Sodium Chlorite produce an even more dangerous stronger oxidising agent whilst Hydrochloric Acid and Sodium Chlorite react together to produce Chlorine Dioxide which can be used to disinfect but is very reactive and potentially explosive.

    Public Analyst Jon Griffin gave an interview to the BBC  which went out on 16th September (see attached). Jon’s staff have also been kept busy with other Covid related work such as testing of hand sanitiser samples of which there were a number of failures.