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  • Secret Army - Toxic troubleshooters are poised for war on poisons

    Evening Times - 26 December 2008

    The quiet heroes of Scotland’s hidden emergency service are on round-the-clock alert waiting for the call when disaster strikes. They are highly trained scientists who spend most days in white lab coats peering into microscopes.

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  • The public’s first line of defence

    The Herald - 27 September 2008

    It’s hard to look at fast food in the same way again after you’ve seen the pictures in Colston food complaints lab. The analysts there,who do thousands of food safety tests every year, have kept a ghoulish gallery from some of their more hair-raising finds, including the banger that, when bitten into, contained an dirty blue jay cloth.Another picture features a piece of sharp rusty wire that broke off a basket from a deep frier and ended up in some chips.

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